Theme 6: suggestions about stopping a duplicate teenage maternity

June 8, 2023

Theme 6: suggestions about stopping a duplicate teenage maternity

Inside the theme from reproductive health characteristics, notice is keen on the following subthemes: the latest judgmental thinking from healthcare workers and you may a decreased injectable contraceptives. The participants said just how reproductive health features swayed the intimate wellness trying to behavior. Specific participants shown to the judgmental thinking of healthcare gurus when they attempted to availableness nearest and dearest planning functions.

Brand new judgmental feelings of health care workers

The participants plus observed discrimination from the healthcare setup. The participants conveyed you to health care pros just weren’t help teenage females use of intimate and you may reproductive health attributes.

“The brand new nurses is actually judgmental. It clean out recensioni incontri uniforme you defectively for many who enquire about nearest and dearest thought attributes. They had refused to provide me personally a keen injectable birth control before We dropped expecting given that I found myself frequently too young” (Thobeka, 17).

“Nurses was judgmental while they trust we are playing with birth control to help you end falling expecting. They aren’t happy that individuals is actually sexually energetic” (Tholothando, 19).

“The centers commonly teenage amicable. Nurses laugh adolescent parents who want to availability contraception. The queues is actually long and you will nurses are sluggish” (Snothando, 19).

A diminished injectable birth control in the centers

In addition to their standard issues about reproductive health qualities, the participants labeled an insufficient injectable contraceptives on clinics. Nana reported that “Occasionally, you will find an insufficient injectable contraceptives at the clinic” Palesa reported that “There was sometimes no injectable birth-control offered by neighborhood clinic. I go home versus choosing the latest injectable contraceptive. The dearth out of injectable contraceptives compounds brand new unmet requirement for birth-control and you can poses a danger for a duplicate maternity, particularly in order to teenagers which use this procedure of birth prevention.

Under the theme out-of advice for stopping a recurring maternity, three subthemes was recognized: contraceptive and you can condoms, abstinence, and you will sceptics. Specific professionals emphasised the significance of using birth-control and you may condoms.

Birth-control and you will condoms

The participants advised you to birth prevention and condoms should be familiar with stop a repeat teenage pregnancy. The advice for the usage of contraception and you can condoms on reduction from repeat teenage pregnancies are echoed the next prices.

“I would prompt most other adolescent parents to make use of birth-control and you can condoms to cease a perform teenage pregnancy. It indicates the use of both female and male condoms” (Sphe, 16).

“I think safeguards throughout the intercourse is essential to stop a first and you will repeat pregnancy. The security will include birth prevention and you will condoms” (Puleng, 18).


The players who’d experienced recite pregnancies sensed real feel dissapointed about and you will remorse. They advertised abstinence as the a solution to stop a perform pregnancy. The help to own abstinence as an assess to quit adolescent repeat maternity try well articulated throughout the adopting the estimates:

“I experienced a duplicate pregnancy. This made existence very difficult so i suggest abstinence for other first-time mothers. Pursuing the earliest maternity, she would be to abstain [away from having sex] and concentrate on her education” (Mary, 19).

My personal information will be to impede sexual intercourse. From the chronilogical age of 18 ages, I’ve a couple youngsters and you can the future are not sure. I’d encourage very first time parents in order to refrain while focusing into doing their high-school training (Maya, 18).


Certain adolescents shown suspicion on the having fun with contraception and condoms to prevent a duplicate pregnancy. Amahle made mention of the boys having the ability to replace the outcomes off birth prevention that with traditional medicine after they impregnate a woman, when you are Harriet did not faith condoms and birth-control.

“I don’t think a female can prevent a repeat maternity as males uses old-fashioned cures [herbs] and come up with a female slide expecting although she is on the contraception” (Amahle, 17).